Launching Integer

Washington, DC, (June 6, 2022) – Sandra Swirski, who has dedicated her career to helping strengthen and shape some of the country’s most high-profile tax policies, today launched Integer, a new advocacy firm where she and her colleagues will help corporate, association, and nonprofit clients navigate today’s most complex economic and nonprofit policy issues.

“For more than 30 years, I’ve built relationships and coalitions in Washington to benefit clients, legislators, policymakers, and the public,” said Swirski. “At Integer, we bring together people, ideas, stories, and informed policies to form comprehensive advocacy strategies to advance our clients’ goals.”

The new firm, Integer, is named for the Latin root of integrity, meaning whole or complete. It conveys the values Swirski and her team uphold for current and future clients.

Joining Swirski at Integer are Vice President Sara Barba, Assistant Vice President Ali Bedford, Senior Government Relations Associate Grant Berkshire, and Government Relations Associate Geoff Paul, also former Urban Swirski staffers. Integer looks forward to collaborating with senior advisors, Andrea Bottner of Bottner Strategies and Stacey Rolland of Forbes Tate Partners. Swirski and her colleagues will to continue effectively build relationships between clients and decision makers on Capitol Hill, in the administration, and within regulating agencies.

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