Sandra Swirski


Sandra Swirski is a trusted executive, thought leader, and expert. Sitting at the intersection of policy and philanthropy, Sandra  leverages her savvy, coalition building expertise, and deep industry knowledge to build solutions and progress for those she works with. She also co-founded Urban Swirski & Associates, a women-owned government relations firm.

Sandra has demonstrated expertise in collaborating with both major political parties to accomplish client goals. Her expertise comes from years on Capitol Hill working for seasoned Members of Congress and leading government relations teams for companies and clients in the private sector.

In her free time, Sandra serves as a Member of the Philanthropy Editorial Board of Trusts and Estates as well as an Advisory Council Member of Engage, a bipartisan women’s organization that promotes economic security for all American women. She is also a frequent speaker and author, providing insightful analysis of breaking financial issues and policy trends to watch for in Washington. Sandra often publishes with CEOWorld magazine on these insightful topics to provide her expertise to the public.