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Donor-Advised Funds

In 2023, Integer launched the DAF Policy Network, a project of its DAF practice area to help DAF sponsors and stakeholders navigate and influence federal public policy that could impact their work, as well as network with and learn from their peers. 

Donor-advised funds are the fastest growing philanthropic giving vehicle, and public policy impacting DAFs is gaining more attention both from the giving vehicle’s supporters and its critics. Staying informed is critical for stakeholders to make sure they are ready to respond when bills or administrative policy changes are proposed in Washington, DC, or when there are opportunities to go on offense and grow their footprint. 

The team at Integer has worked at the intersection of tax policy and philanthropy for decades, and we’ve been tracking DAF policy for just as long. As interest in the giving vehicle grows, we  are working with DAF stakeholders to ensure the growing giving vehicle continues to allow donors to support their communities in the best way possible. 

Membership in the DAF Policy Network includes regular policy updates, exclusive monthly engagement opportunities, and access to Integer’s policy experts and a network of like-minded stakeholders. 

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